Can You Submit an N244 Form Online?

Can You Submit an N244 Form Online?

You can submit an N244 application form online or via the post – but that doesn’t necessarily mean you should.

Securing an emergency hearing, suspending an eviction and stopping your home being repossessed depends on the contents of your N244 form. As the N244 form is complicated and requires a variety of information, it’s advisable to seek expert help.

Why Should You Submit an N244 Form?

An N244 form can be submitted when you want to ask the court to suspend an enforcement process or set aside a judgment. If you’ve received an eviction notice, you’ll need to complete an N244 form and submit it to the county court.

Your complete form will be received and, depending on the information and supporting documentation you’ve provided, the court will decide whether or not to grant you an emergency hearing.

At the hearing, a district judge will review the contents of your N244 application form and issue a ruling. If you want the judge to suspend your eviction so you can remain in your home, for example, submitting an N244 form is the first step to achieving your goal.

How Long Does It Take to Complete an N244 Application Form?

The N244 form is a very important document, so you should take your time when completing it and make sure that all relevant information is included. However, it can take a significant amount of time to complete the N244 form if you’re trying to manage it yourself, particularly if you don’t have experience in repossession law.

With help from our team of legal experts, however, we can accelerate the process and ensure that your N244 form contains the right information to help the court rule in your favour and stop your eviction.

What Information Should You Include on an N244 Form?

The N244 form requires you to submit some basic information, such as your full name and contact details, but you’ll also need to tell the court why your eviction should be suspended. Crucially, you’ll need to convince the court that there are legal grounds for suspending the eviction.

Remember – the contents of your N244 form should be based on points of law. There’s no doubt that the repossession process is stressful but avoid being emotional or providing unnecessary information in your N244. Instead, focus on the facts and the law and put your argument convincingly and succinctly.

How Long Does the N244 Process Take?

Once you’ve submitted an N244 form, an emergency hearing can be granted very quickly. In some cases, emergency hearings take place within 24 hours of an N244 form being received by the county court, so it’s important to be ready to attend a hearing at any time.

The speed at which you can be granted an emergency hearing is good news for homeowners who are facing eviction. Although it’s best to take action as soon as you receive an eviction notice, it’s never too late to submit an N244 and secure an emergency hearing before you’re evicted from your property.

How Much Does It Cost to Submit an N244 Form?

The cost of submitting an N244 form will depend on what stage your case is at and what you’re asking the court to do.

If you want the court to suspend an eviction order, for example, the current fee to submit an N244 application notice is £14.

Alternatively, if you’re asking the court to vary or set aside an order that is in place, the current fee for submitting an N244 form is £255.

The required fees are set out by the court system, and you’ll need to make the payment directly to the county court. As the fees are non-refundable, you won’t get your money back if your application is unsuccessful. By completing the form correctly and putting your argument persuasively, however, you can increase your chances of securing an emergency hearing and getting your eviction suspended.

How Can HomeKeep Solutions Help?

At HomeKeep Solutions, we have plenty of experience when it comes to helping homeowners keep their properties. Our team of legal experts have detailed knowledge of the law, which means they can assist you with an N244 form and give your application the best chance of success.

Even if your mortgage lender has refused to negotiate, our dedicated team will help you through the court process and assist you in keeping your home. Completing an N244 form and securing an emergency court hearing is the first step to stopping eviction, avoiding repossession and saving your home, so why wait?

Call HomeKeep Solutions team now and start the process today. We’re available 24/7 and there are no upfront fees to pay when you request our help. Together, we can stop your property being repossessed and help you to keep your home.