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If you’re facing repossession on a buy-to-let mortgage, HomeKeep Solutions can help you find a way to keep your property. With experts available 24/7 and no upfront fees to pay, we make it easy to resolve your financial difficulties and find a fast and effective solution to buy-to-let mortgage worries.

“I don’t know where I would be without you and I’m eternally grateful for your expert advice and knowledgeable support.” – Neil S

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Can a Buy-to-Let Property Be Repossessed?

Yes. Repossession is a very real concern for landlords with buy-to-mortgages. If you’re unable to keep up with your mortgage repayments and you get into arrears, you’ll be at risk of repossession. Unless you can prevent this from happening, the lender will take possession of the asset and you’ll lose your investment property.

Here are two of the most common instances that will lead to repossession:

How to Deal with a Court Hearing

There are three main ways you can respond to a repossession court hearing:

  • 1
    If the borrower cannot keep up with their buy-to-let mortgage repayments. If your tenants don’t pay rent on time or you struggle to find tenants to fill the property, for example, you may be unable to pay the mortgage each month and fall into arrears.
  • 2
    Unforeseen expenses, such as large property repair bills, may mean you’re unable to bring the property up to a habitable standard. If so, you won’t be able to let the property and, therefore, you won’t be able to use it to generate rental income. If you can’t pay the mortgage independently, you’ll find that you get into arrears and face repossession.

What Is A Buy-to-Let Mortgage?

Buy-to-let mortgages are commercial loans designed for borrowers who want to purchase a property as an investment. Instead of living in the property yourself, for example, you may plan to let it to long-term tenants or to use it as a student rental.

When you won’t be living in the property yourself, a standard residential mortgage isn’t a suitable form of funding. Instead, a specialist buy-to-let mortgage gives you access to the funds you need to purchase the investment property.

Preventing Buy-to-Let Mortgage Repossession

If you’re facing repossession on a buy-to-let property, HomeKeep Solutions can help. We specialise in preventing buy-to-let mortgage repossessions and can provide tailored advice to help you keep your property and come to a workable agreement with your lenders. To find out more, talk to our friendly team 24/7.



Talking to your lender is the first step to resolving payment problems and coming to an arrangement that avoids repossession. It’s important to be aware, however, that buy-to-let mortgages are unregulated, so it can be more challenging to persuade lenders to accept reduced payments or extend the mortgage term.

With an expert team on your side, you may find it easier to negotiate with the lender, so why not get in touch with HomeKeep Solutions today?

Yes. If you’re in arrears, your property can be repossessed, even if you have sitting tenants who are paying their rent regularly. Ultimately, it is the borrower’s responsibility to ensure that mortgage repayments are made on time, so whether the property is occupied or not doesn’t prevent the lender from instigating repossession proceedings.

However, if the property is occupied and you can recommence making mortgage repayments, this could put you in a more advantageous position when negotiating with your borrower. As a result, you may be able to avoid buy to let mortgage repossession if you’re generating rental income from your tenants.

As buy-to-let mortgages are not regulated by the FCA (or regulated at all), lenders are typically more aggressive when it comes to chasing arrears and repossessing properties. This means you may not have as long to resolve the situation as you would if you were dealing with a standard residential mortgage.

Due to this, it’s important to act quickly and seek expert advice as soon as possible. HomeKeep Solutions is available 24/7 and charges no upfront fees to help you keep your property, so why wait? Contact our expert team today and start protecting your property now.

Our Reviews

“I was days away from eviction when I called HomeKeep Solutions and was convinced there was no hope but, to my surprise, you stopped the eviction and made sure I’d be able to stay in my home. Your friendly, professional advice made a world of difference during such a stressful period in my life, and I’ll never forget the help you provided.”
Lloyd S
“I didn’t know where to turn for help when a repossession order was granted but your team was instrumental in stopping the repossession and helping me to keep my property. I don’t know where I would be without you and I’m eternally grateful for your expert advice and knowledgeable support.”
Neil S
“I can’t thank you enough for helping me keep my home! I’d had no luck trying to reason with my mortgage lenders, but the HomeKeep Solutions team acted quickly and negotiated a long-term payment plan that’s affordable and realistic. As a result, I’m no longer facing repossession, an enormous amount of stress has been lifted and I can begin enjoying life again.”
John O
“I’m so grateful to the HomeKeep Solutions team for helping me keep my home and supporting me when I had nowhere else to turn. I was convinced my home would be repossessed but, thanks to you, I’m back on track and secure in my own home.”
Taylor P
“I was near breaking point by the time I called HomeKeep Solutions and I’m eternally grateful for the compassionate advice they gave me. Within days, their team had stopped my eviction and given me respite in the most difficult of circumstances. Now, I can look forward to a bright future – in my own home!”
Shirley L
“I thought I’d exhausted all my options and was doomed to failure but HomeKeep Solutions quickly resolved the situation and negotiated with my lender. Not only can I stay in my home, but I can face the future knowing that my property is no longer under threat of being repossessed. Thank you.”
Aidan B

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